Maxpedition Universal Holster.


Maxpedition Universal Holster. Modular Universal Holster. Black. Attaches with hook side velcro to loop velcro sewn in various Maxpedition packs. 2" retention strap can be adjusted for a snug fit to your weapon. Works best with the following Maxpedition products: MX211 NeatFreak Organizer, MX403 FatBoy Versipack, MX408 FatBoy S-Type Versipack, MX409 Typhoon GearSlinger, MX410 Monsoon GearSlinger, MX412 Jumbo Versipack, MX413 Jumbo S-type Versipack, MX512 Condor-II Backpack, MX513 Falcon-II Backpack, MX514 Vulture-II Backpack, MX601 MPB (Multi-Purpose Bag), MX604 LastResort Tactical Attache, and MX605 Operator Tactical Attache. Bulk packed.

Country of Origin: TAIWAN

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  • Model: MX3501B
  • Manufactured by: Maxpedition